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Diamond Painting

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Art is like a breeze
that flows into
your soul, which is
a kind of luxury
and an affection
that keeps detached.

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Choice High-Quality Diamond Painting

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5D Diamond Painting is a new style needlework painting that you have to DIY to complete it! Here, the image is printed on a high quality cotton fabric (canvas) with a special resistant adhesive, on which let you to paste coloured plastic mosaic or resin rhinestone. We will provide round type, it is cut into facets, allowing a very nice play with light and a brilliant effect. Either of them will make the painting appear to be more elegant in texture with shinning brightness. Production process is simple that you can spend less time to complete. Simply hung it onto the wall, it will make your room and your world amazing. It is exquisite to give to friends and loved ones to express good wishes to share.

 About Us

 8 Features of our Diamond painting fabric

Our company updated 5D DIY diamond painting is aimed at the diamond painting in current market which is fall of, peeling,fading and many faults and shortcomings, with high technology elements, no coating, no printing paste, it’s made of a variety of organic fibers specially for diamond painting fabric. After a long time for destructive testing, our product has the following distinctive features.

I. Safety & Environment friendly
In current markets diamond painting fabric contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde, eco solvent ink and so on. These toxic substances cause a certain impact on human health.

Our products adopt Germany textiles with disperse inks which specially used for painting fabric. This kind of fabric has no formaldehyde, no coating, non-toxic, tasteless, non-volatile, suitable for indoor and home decoration.

II. Not easy to fall off
In current market coated diamond painting is made of fabric, coating, printing, varnish, glue and resin diamond. Due to composed of multiple layers, the adhesive of fabric and diamond is weakness, easy to fall of.

Ecological cotton fabric diamond painting is made of fabric, glue and resin. No glue in fabric layer and no coating. When glue is fused with the fabric, glue permeate in fiber spaces, so that it never fall off.

III. No desquamate
From the Point 2 we know, the fabric coating layer and printing layer are easy to desquamate and fall off. Our new ecological cotton fabric directly adhesive with resin diamond, in such way there is no coating layer, avoid dropping diamond perfectly.

IV. Prevent scratches
Our fabric is ecological cotton fabric and the pigment printing has been infiltrated in the fibre cloth to ensure the picture without damage in the case of any accident.

V. Good visual effect
The design of the color is bright, colorful and strong layering,combined with the fabric and the diamond to make the picture vivid and attractive.

VI. Anti-wrinkle
The particularity of ecological cotton reduction, collapsible, antifriction, weather fastness and good stability, at any temperature, the ecological cotton do not cause the thermal and contraction, the fabric will be smooth permanently and easily framed.

VII. Waterproof
New ecological cotton fabric use environment friendly textile ink, after 228 degrees high temperature heat transfer, color permeate in fiber, which lead itself waterproof and washable, it is quite different from the fabric in current market with no waterproof and washable.

VIII. No mildew, discoloration, high temperature resistance, non-fading
Our products adopt Germany textiles with disperse inks, through heat transfer, the fabric looks brightly colored and no fading.

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